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What Can Mobelio Do For Your Business?

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Business Mobile Websites

Create a great looking mobile website for your business in minutes.

Make it quick and easy for mobile users to call and email you, and find out everything they need to know about your business quickly.

Whether you’re a local plumber like SG Plumbing, a local restaurant or a local dentist, a mobile friendly site is essential.

Mobile websites built with Mobelio allow any business big or small to move into the mobile revolution with ease.

Why Does Mobile Matter To Your Business?

A History Of Mobile & The Future Effect...

In January 2007, the legend that is Steve Jobs unveiled the very first “iPhone”. In the past 6 years, smartphone ownership has grown to 1.08 BILLION people worldwide, and smartphone sales have since become BIGGER than PC sales!

67% Of Smartphone Users Now Browse The Internet Daily!

Alarmingly, 90% of small to medium sized businesses are still yet to cater to this growing revolution!

The UNREAL Power Of A Mobile Website…

A Mobile Optimised Website? Huh?

A smartphone screen is of course much smaller than a desktop computer screen. Therefore, a standard desktop website is squeezed and shrunk down just to fit the smartphone screen.

A mobile optimized website is created to run alongside your standard business website for smartphone users only!

It fits the screen…loads quicker…and provides mobile users with everything they need to contact you!

Take a look at this comparison and see for yourself….

Here Is The Most Important Thing…


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What Do You Get When You Use MOBELIO?

...Apart From Hordes Of New Customers!

Mobelio allows you to service mobile users in a matter of minutes and transform your web presence.


Works On All Smartphones! Mobile websites built with Mobelio work seamlessly on all smartphone devices!

Drag & Drop Ease
Build, Create and Design your own mobile website by simply “dragging” and “dropping” different elements into our INSTANT mobile website previewer!

Social Media Integration
Pull your social media feeds into your mobile website!

Finger And Screen Friendly
Users can Touch, Tap and Slide their way into your business. No more cumbersome zooming in and out just to find your contact details!

Click To Call & Email
Mobile users can get in touch with your business with 1 tap of their finger!

Google Maps & Directions
Show mobile users where you are, and how to find you. Got multiple locations? Not a problem! Show users, which is closest!

Galleries, Images And Sliders
Showcase your business images, photos, galleries and more!

Full QR Code Integration
Easily create QR codes for your mobile website pages!

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We Integrate With All Your Favourite Services Too!

Still Got Questions?

Your Questions Answered...

If you're willing to lose out on acquiring potential customers then you can wait to implement a mobile site for your business. However, creating a mobile optimised version of your site with Mobelio will allow you give your customers an easy way to get in touch with you when on their smartphones.

Not at all. Mobelio works side by side with your existing website, just paste a simple redirect code onto your site and this will detect if your website visitors are on a mobile device - if they are, they will see your mobile site, if they aren't then they will see your desktop site as normal.

Simple use our redirect script which will detect mobile users and serve them the mobile version of your website, which will fit their smartphone screen perfectly.

Of course not… Mobelio is simple to use, just drag and drop the widgets you want into our live preview, and you're good to go. You can easily drag in images, text, galleries, slide shows and even Google Maps.

Coming soon…

Simple. You get 7 days to try Mobelio out for your business - No strings attached. If after 7 days you want to keep your site, then just invest $9 per month out of your marketing budget to keep your site live.

Sign up for a free account below and follow the simple instructions, we have heaps of tutorials to get you up and running in no time.

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